Disney+’s adult service looks to be coming to life

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A more mature version of Disney+ looks like it’s happening, with a formal announcement expected next month – details here.

It’s been a bit of a frustration that the excellent Disney+ streaming service continues to come with a  family cap on it. Understandable of course, but Disney+ won’t run material that’s higher than a PG-13 in the US or 12A rating in the UK. Yet Disney also now owns franchises such as the Alien and Predator films for instances, as well as movies such as Fight Club, yet there’s precious little chance of them heading to the streaming service.


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That said, over the summer rumours first surfaced that Disney was looking at adding an over 13s section to its Disney+ service, that in theory would be password of PIN protected, and would give it an area to put less family-friendly material.

Now, thanks to the sharp eyes of the folks at What’s On Disney Plus, it seems that it’s doing just that.

Disney has registered officially verified social media accounts for Disney+ Star. Details are expected on the service next month, as to whether it’ll be integrated or separate, and whether an extra fee will be expected from it. But also, this is expected to be home to the Deadpools and Die Hards of this world, as well as more mature-oriented television shows as well.

The rollout of the service may differ around the world, so there are lots of details waiting to be filled in here. The thinking is we’ll hear more following Disney’s next investor event on December 10th. In the meantime, here’s the Twitter feed as it stands.

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