Disney’s Encanto | Plans for expansion – but no word on expected Encanto 2

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Disney remains coy about Encanto 2, but plans are clearly afoot to expand the franchise around the broader company. More here:

The release of Disney’s Encanto was one of the several of the studio’s animated films caught up in the mire of the Covid-19 pandemic. And yet even though it wasn’t able to have an absolutely clear run at the box office, the film has proven to be a very sizeable hit. Not just in terms of eyeballs on the movie itself – and a very fine movie it is – but also the stunning success of the film’s soundtrack.

Disney, in recent times, has not been a company shy of making the most of a success, but surprisingly thus far, things have been relatively quiet on the Encanto front. Sure, we’ve had a concert or two, but where’s the sequel? Where’s the Broadway musical? Where’s the live action remake? Has Disney gone shy?

No. No it hasn’t. But instead, it’s doing its development work here very strictly behind closed doors, with few signs of just what it’s cooking in the world of Encanto. Crikey, this news story is waffley. I’ll get to the point.

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The film’s producer, Yvett Merino, has now been chatting to The Direct, and has been chatting about the plan to expand out the Encanto world. “I don’t have anything official to say”, they admitted. But “we’re working with our friends in publishing and consumer products to make sure – there’s always different ideas and needs and wants for, for it to stay alive out there”.

Merino also confirmed that the reaction to the movie was not lost on Disney, and that it wants to keep its world alive. That hints that Encanto 2 may be on the way, but Merino just said that “I think we will continue to work on what that actually means”, with regards expanding the world.

Encanto is certainly looking like it’s heading to Disney theme parks, for those who can still afford to go to them after assorted price hikes. As for a film sequel? We wouldn’t stake a penny against it happening, but we’ll keep you posted as and when we hear more.

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