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The surprises keep on coming for Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary celebrations, as the BBC confirms the second ever story – The Daleks – has been colourised and re-edited.

Not content with merely making Doctor Who’s archive freely available, the BBC has today announced an extra surprise for the 60th anniversary of the show.

The Daleks, written by their creator Terry Nation, was the second ever story to be broadcast. It’s a quintessential adventure that set the template for the following sixty years, and featured the first appearance of the mutant mechanoids that terrified a generation.

The plot sees The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara land in an eerie petrified forest that eventually leads them to a metal city, where they are captured by The Daleks. They must team up with the native Thals to overthrow The Daleks and escape.

Whilst thankfully all seven episodes still exist and have been released in various formats over the years, 2023 will see the story broadcast in colour for the very first time.

Re-edited into what is described as “a 75 minute blockbuster to appeal to today’s modern audiences”, the new version also boasts fresh sounds and a brand new score by Mark Ayres.

The brand new version of The Daleks will be broadcast on BBC Four on the day itself, the 23rd November. It’ll also be available on the iPlayer service as well.


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