Short film Father Of The Bride needs your help

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Father Of The Bride is a new short film written and directed by Rhys Marc Jones, with support from BFI NETWORK, Ffilm Cymru Wales and BBC Wales.

Writer/director Rhys Marc Jones, producer Paix Robinson and cinematographer Lasse Ulvedall Tølboll hope to make a film to provoke discussion and add to the conversation by dramatising, with the utmost sensitivity, an issue at the forefront of public consciousness. Father Of The Bride explores themes of power, status, race and transgression through the contained world of a family wedding, which acts as an allegory for the facade of show business and the hierarchical complexities at play in harassment/abuse situations.

Here’s the synopsis:

The Best Man attempts to keep face and deliver his speech at his brother’s wedding, following a sexual advance in the hotel bathroom by the Father of the Bride – a man adored by all. The dynamics of power at play in even the most joyous of weddings reveals our eponymous Father of the Bride as the epitome of male privilege: untouchable and emboldened within his world. In contrast, the Best Man’s reaction to what he has experienced, reveals how quickly those vulnerable to abuses of power can become isolated amongst the familiar, especially in a scenario where relationship stakes are at their highest. 

And here’s the link to the team’s crowdfunding campaign if you’d like to know more and help support their film.

With just 61 hours left to achieve the final 1/5 of their total, your help could make all the difference.

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