UK short My Other Suit Is Human needs your help

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Irish filmmaker Andrew Paul Montague and his team are looking for funding to bring their short film to life.

My Other Suit is Human is Paul Montague’s graduation film from London Film School, which has already won an award for the script. It’s now supported by Genera Films and is filming in August 2019. Cinematographer, Panalux Award nominated Zeta Spyraki and Montague have been tirelessly building a look book and style for the film. Listing visual influences such as Arrival, A Ghost Story and Revolutionary Roadthe new short has an incredibly intriguing premise.

Zoe and Stephen are a young couple, torn apart by the untimely death of their young son Noah. While Stephen buries himself in his work and in making sure Zoe is practically taken care of each day, Zoe finds herself numb from sadness and unable to move past the situation at all. A year on from the tragedy, Zoe is still preparing Noah’s medicines each day and keeping the same routine she had when he was alive. Stuck in a terrible despair, she is desperate to find any comfort to allow herself to grieve. She becomes inspired by Noah’s favourite TV show and builds herself a homemade robot suit, which becomes her buffer from the world to allow her to begin grieving. The suit drives a further wedge between her and Stephen, and she must decide if she can find a way back to him again.

With a location in Kent already scouted and the team assembled, they need your help to make their labour of love come to life.

Here’s the link for more info and if you’d like to back the film.

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