Film Stories issue 5: full details, and order your copy right here!

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The new issue of Film Stories is shipping now – and you can order your copy right here.

Somehow, we’ve found our way to issue 5 of Film Stories magazine, the UK’s new mainstream film publication (albeit one that’s lighter on superheroes, even though we like them). And headlining the new issue is the ambitious biopic of Elton John, Rocketman. We’ve chatted to the stars of the movie for our cover feature, and the new issue looks like this…

What’s more, we’ve got a new online store, and hopefully a magic button will appear right here so that you can buy it…

Clicking on that takes you to said online store. And as a special offer, if you enter the code GEOSTORM at checkout through our main online shop (you can access that here), you can get any back issue for 50% off!

Also! This issue of Film Stories will be available in certain shops. You’ll be able to buy it from the BFI Shop at London Southbank, and selected branches of WHSmith travel (the ones you find at airports and train stations). We’re hoping to get in more stores, but can only do that if we can cover our costs. This independent magazine publishing lark is a bit of a challenge!

What’s in the issue, then? This little lot…

  • The stars of Rocketman on bringing the Elton John biopic to the screen
  • Richard O’Brien on the lost Rocky Horror Picture Show sequels
  • The movie apocalypse films that have flown under the radar: Reign Of Fire, anyone?
  • True confessions of a movie PR rep
  • The woman who transformed Warner Bros’s movie marketing
  • Jack & Sarah: revisiting an overlooked 90s British movie.
  • The evolution of movie special effects, and the return of practical
  • Three films and he’s out: the movie career of Yahoo Serious
  • Celebrating the musical films of John Carney
  • The trick to making a horror movie remake
  • Plus, because opportunity matters a lot to us, 4 of the 28 writers this issue had never been paid for writing work before

Thanks so much for continuing to support the magazine. If we can tempt you to subscribe, from under £5, then please head here:

Thank you.

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