Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis to get IMAX release

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IMAX have cast a big vote of confidence in Coppola’s passion project ahead of its Cannes premiere.

Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis might still be sitting without a US distributor, but backers might have had their interest piqued by the promise the film will definitely earn itself an IMAX release.

Speaking to press ahead of the film’s Cannes premiere today, IMAX CEO Rich Gelfond said: “One of the things that we pride ourselves on is being filmmaker-friendly. So we’ve committed to Francis to do a global IMAX release.”

A guarantee of life on the biggest screens is a sizeable boon for Megalopolis’ box office prospects – the inflated ticket prices of IMAX screenings should add a few digits onto the film’s opening weekend, if nothing else.

The film has so far struggled to find a partner for its US release, with a mixed first-look screening leaving executives clueless as to how to market it.

“There is just no way to position this movie”, one distributor allegedly said.

Coppola has apparently been pushing for a large-scale marketing push for the film, which initially left major studios and streamers scratching their heads. After initial reluctance, though, Megalopolis has already gotten distributors lined up in the UK (via Entertainment Film) and across Europe.

The story of Megalopolis' release has so far been deserving of Coppola’s chaotic reputation. Rumours of production difficulties swirled in January 2023, while a recent Guardian article alleged a particularly disordered set environment and reported poor behaviour from the director.

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