Free independent movie streaming service launches in the UK

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Watch indie movies for free, thanks to Film Ahoy.

Another competitor in the crowded streaming service market has just launched, with the news that Film Ahoy has just landed in the UK.

The service offers independent movies to stream for free with adverts, or you can pay £1 to watch one without. It’s a service that was originally intended to launch a year or two back, but technical gremlins have held its delay back.

Dean Fisher, a British filmmaker, is the man behind Film Ahoy. He told Variety that “for filmmakers it is very difficult to secure distribution”.

“Once you have gone through iTunes and the different windows, there are not many other places to get revenue. In a way we want to create an additional market”.

Revenue from films is split with the filmmakers behind them, and you can explore the service for yourself, here.



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