Fresh rumour suggests the Carry On series may be making a return

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After 27 years, there’s new talk of a Carry On revival.

Here’s a story that seems to bubble back up every couple of years. The Carry On series of bawdy British comedies has thus far covered some 31 films, and a few other bits and bobs. But since 1992’s best forgotten Carry On Columbus, the series has remained dormant, in spite of a few attempts to revive it.

And the latest attempt is apparently underway. A producer by the name of Brian Baker is reportedly looking to unleash Carry On merchandise into the world, with the plan being to channel the profits from it into making another film.

Barker has a licence from ITV Studios to use the Carry On trademark, and this was granted back in 2016. If the plan comes to fruition, Barker told The Sun (yeah, sorry) that he’ll be looking to bring in a new team (inevitably), and that the films will be “adapted to bring it up to modern times”. He added that “we’ll have to be a bit more politically correct today”.

More news on this if and when we get it.

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