Glen Powell signs up for a legal drama and is linked to a mysterious JJ Abrams project

Glen Powell as Hangman in Top Gun: Maverick
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Glen Powell has been officially announced as the lead in Monsanto, a legal drama whilst also being linked to an upcoming JJ Abrams project.

Glen Powell seems to be at the top of every casting director’s wish list when it comes to constructing a film ensemble. As it stands, we’re not even halfway through May and we’ve already learned that Powell will be starring in Huntington, an A24 revenge thriller with Margaret Qualley. That’s on top of the announcement last month that he would be starring in Edgar Wright’s planned adaptation of The Running Man.

Two announcements in the space of a month seemingly isn’t enough for Powell, though. Now two announcements in a day? That’s more like it.

The first project is confirmed as happening. It’s called Monsanto and is a legal drama that will co-star Laura Dern and Anthony Mackie. The project hails from writer-director John Lee Hancock.

‘The true story tale follows young, untried attorney Brent Wisner (Powell), who takes on a seemingly insurmountable case against the giant US chemical company Monsanto on behalf of Dewayne “Lee” Johnson (Mackie). Johnson used the company’s best-known product, Roundup, a wildly financially successful weed and grass pesticide killer, as part of his job as a high school groundskeeper and is now suffering illnesses.’

That story comes courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, and the trade has also published another story reporting that Powell is wanted by JJ Abrams for his next project. The details regarding plot or genre are being kept under wraps although the outlet claims that it isn’t a time travel story, contrary to some rumours regarding the direction Abrams might head in for his first film as a director since 2019’s poorly-received The Rise Of Skywalker.

As far as Glen Powell goes, then, expect to see more of him and soon. This summer will see him lead the ensemble in the big budget disaster sequel, Twisters. He’ll also be the leading man in Richard Linklater’s Hit Man which is set to debut on Netflix on the 7th June.

We’ll bring you more news on these projects as we hear them, not to mention the three or four projects that Powell will presumably be attached by the time tomorrow’s news rolls around.

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