Guillermo del Toro reviews The Irishman – and it’s pure poetry

Guillermo del Toro almost directed a star wars movie
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The mighty Guillermo del Toro gives his thoughts on Martin Scorsese’s upcoming epic crime drama The Irishman.

Guillermo del Toro likes The Irishman. In fact, he likes it a lot.

Whilst del Toro may be famous for making the some of the standout classics of the twenty-first century, he also has quite the way with words too. In fact, he recently announced that he’s stepping into the literary world and releasing a book.

Now the director has seen The Irishman and spread some of his lovely wordy goodness all over Twitter, praising Scorsese’s upcoming movie, based on the exploits of Jimmy Hoffa, ahead of its upcoming release. Here’s a taste below:

Frankly, we’d pay to hear del Toro to read our shopping list but if you want to hear him wax lyrical about Psycho, do check out the fabulous 78/52 by Alexandre O. Phillipe.

Del Toro is adamant that we should all ‘See it. In a theatre.’

Incidentally, we cover Guillermo del Toro and his way with words in this week’s Film Stories YouTube episode. Check it out below:

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