Guy Ritchie’s 2025 movie is now called In The Grey

Guy Ritchie, tweeded director of The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare
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Henry Cavill and Jake Gyllenhaal headline the first of two 2025 releases from Guy Ritchie: In The Grey. More here.

Busy times in the life of Guy Ritchie. He’s currently doing promotional work for his incoming film, The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare, which is landing over the coming weeks. Yet even as he’s talking about that, he’s already in post-production on his next project, due from Lionsgate early next year.

Things we already knew: Ritchie has written the script as well as directing, while the cast features Henry Cavill, Jake Gyllenhaall, Eiza Gonzalez, Carlos Bardem, Fisher Stevens, Jason Wong, and Rosamund Pike.

It was revealed too that it was an action film, one that shot in the Canary Islands last autumn. In terms of further details though, they were on the scant side, and we didn’t even have a title.

Now we have a title. And you can’t go accusing us of clickbait waffle, because look! It’s in the headline!

The film is now going by the name of In The Grey, but that’s all we’re getting at the moment. There’s no details of the plot or anything, but I can’t imagine details are too far away. Lionsgate has put the film on its calendar for January 2025.

By the time In The Grey arrives in cinemas, the prolific Guy Ritchie will already be in post-production on his next movie. He’s been shooting the film Fountain Of Youth, starring John Krasinski and Natalie Portman, that’s going to be landing in 2025 as well.

As things stand, we seem to be getting a Guy Ritchie-directed film in intervals of less than a year. It seems like since he made The Gentleman in particular, he’s uncorked a bit of a creative run, as well as a constant source of finance for his features.
As we hear more on him and his films, we’ll let you know.

The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare is out in US cinemas on the 19th April. No word on when or if it’s getting a UK cinemas release as yet.


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