Halloween rights up for grabs as the series’ current deal expires

Halloween Kills
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A ‘bidding war’ for its rights could see future Halloween projects come to screens both large and small. Safe to say that Halloween Ends wasn’t the end…


If there’s one thing that the Halloween series has always guaranteed us, it’s that Michael Myers will return. The masked killer has survived pretty much every type of destruction imaginable, even Halloween III: Season Of The Witch (Kidding! It’s a favourite, really!) but somehow he always seems to return. Few would have watched the end of the latest film, Halloween Ends, and believed it was truly the franchise’s end.

While it’s a surety that the Halloween franchise will come back, we don’t yet know which studio will be taking over the series. With the end of the recent David Gordon Green trilogy of films, came the end of Universal Pictures and Blumhouse Productions’ hand on the franchise’s reins.

Now, the rights have reverted back to the original owners, Miramax, and the company is offering them around Hollywood. As we often hear when this is the case, a ‘bidding war’ is said to be ongoing with both film and TV rights reportedly up for grabs.

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We’re pretty sure that Jamie Lee Curtis is finished with the series, although we have to admit, we’re both sceptical and curious when it comes to seeing what a new creative team could do with the long-running series. After all, David Gordon Green’s Halloween Ends tried to do something a little bit different and wasn’t that well received. On the other hand , do we really want to see the same kinds of formulaic Halloween movies release every couple of years, ad infinitum? (Yes, I am making a stealthy push for a Season Of The Witch sequel, thank you for noticing.)

We’ll let you know when a winner emerges, but with writers soon going back to work, you can imagine that the next Halloween project will be fast-tracked, just as soon as a studio secures the rights.

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