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Have I Got News For You
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The BBC is developing a sports based spin-off of long running panel show Have I Got News For You, currently called Have I Got Sports For You

Have I Got News For You stands as one of the longest running panel shows on television. Starting in 1990, team captains Paul Merton and Private Eye editor Ian Hislop are still with the show 34 years later. Classic moments include the show where Roy Hattersley was replaced at the last minute with a tub of lard, the show which immediately followed a scandal involving original host Angus Deayton, prompting Hislop to bring in a copy of News Of The World only for Merton to upstage him by getting the front cover printed up as a t-shirt. Then, the legendary 2008 edition hosted by Brian Blessed.

The BBC is currently in the process of developing a spin-off entitled Have I Got Sports For You. It will fill a gap in the schedules after news landed last year that the BBC was axing A Question Of Sport after fifty three years.

The new show is expected to follow a “broadly similar” format to Have I Got News For You, and will feature a mixture of sports stars and comedians. The BBC has not yet issued a statement, but it appears the new show is being produced by the same production company, Hat Trick.

The BBC previously produced a radio pilot entitled Have I Got Sports For You in 2012, hosted by Nick Hancock, a veteran of the BBC’s other sports panel show They Think It’s All Over.

There is currently no broadcast date for Have I Got Sports For You, we’ll keep you updated as we hear more. Have I Got News For You will return for a new series later this year.

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