Bambi: The Reckoning | First trailer emerges for another instalment in the Poohniverse

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Ready for another horrorific take on a childhood favourite character? Watch the first Bambi: The Reckoning trailer here. 

We recently reported that not only was Winnie The Pooh: Blood And Honey 3 in the works, but there was a larger cinematic universe, including a team-up movie, on the way. Poohniverse: Monsters Assemble will hit cinemas in 2025, but before that, we’ll get Bambi: The Reckoning

That’s right, everyone’s favourite fawn, Bambi, is also getting the horror treatment and we now have our first look at the upcoming horror film. 

Take a look at the Bambi: The Reckoning trailer below. 

Granted, it’s only a 61-second teaser and only gives us a brief look at the film, but we do get a shot of the monstrous deer flipping a car over with its antlers. Say less, we’re in. 

Here’s the short description that accompanies the film’s trailer on Youtube: We follow Xana (Roxanne McKee) and her son Benji (Tom Mulheron) who find themselves in a car wreck and soon hunted down by the vicious killing machine, Bambi. Bambi will destroy anyone in its path! Oh dear, we aren’t done!

As Bloody Disgusting reports here, the film is planned for a 2024 release, but no firm date has been announced. 

Dan Allen is directing the film and he told Blood Disgusting this about Bambi: The Reckoning back in December: “It’s gonna be terrifying. When people see a deer in the wild after this film they’re gonna run for the hills. This film is about the death of childhoods as much as it’s gonna ruin childhoods Expect bloodshed, tears and rabbits… and one mean killer deer. At last, the British countryside will finally get its Godzilla.”

Of course, the whole film is possible because Felix Salten’s original novel that the famous Disney film is based on, is now in public domain and anyone is free to use it for their artistic endeavours. It’s a similar case with Winnie The Pooh, Cinderella and of course, Mickey’s Mouse Trap, another horror film using a popular Disney character to unleash terror on unsuspecting (or maybe a little suspecting) audiences.

We’ll keep you updated on more Poohniverse news as we hear them. 

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