Helen Hunt, Dustin Hoffman to lead Lucca Mortis

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Helen Hunt and Dustin Hoffman are leading the cast for Peter Greenaway’s new movie: more on it here.

We haven’t seen too much of Dustin Hoffman since his excellent turn in Noah Baumbach’s The Meyerowitz Stories which was a Netflix must-watch movie back in 2017 when it released.

He’s been up to stuff, and Hoffman has made a couple of smaller indie films in the years since but he’s about to step back into the spotlight, not least because he is set to appear in Megalopolis, Francis Ford Coppola’s high-profile return to filmmaking that we imagine will be releasing next year.

It has also been announced that Hoffman will be working with the British filmmaker Peter Greenaway, whose artsy projects don’t usually feature Hollywood icons in them.

Fellow Oscar-winner Helen Hunt has also joined the cast of Lucca Mortis which according to Variety has begun shooting in the Tuscan city of Lucca.

The outlet has also posted a brief synopsis and we have to say, it’s pretty intriguing:

Lucca Mortis is the tale of a New York writer (Hoffman), who in in 2001, following the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, takes a sabbatical to visit Lucca in search of his distant Italian origins. Lucca Mortis creates a sort of parallelism between the Twin Towers and the towers of Lucca, according to the Tuscany Film Commission website.’

The film, which has a budget of around €15m, has already begun principal photography and promises to make much of the beautiful city in which it is being shot.

Given the film’s smaller profile, whether it ends up in cinemas is anybody’s guess – although Greenaway’s present alone suggests some kind of UK release – but you can expect to see it appear somewhere at some point next year. We’ll let you know when we hear more details regarding its release.

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