Too Much | Lena Dunham confirms her next series

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Lena Dunham’s new comedy series will be called Too Much, which is currently in production for Netflix, here are the details.

Lena Dunham made her mark as a creative powerhouse early in her career, with the gargantuan success of her comedy drama Girls, which ran for six seasons on HBO between 2012 and 2017.

She then successfully transitioned to feature films, writing and directing Tiny Furniture, Sharp Stick and, most recently, Catherine Called Birdy. She then adapted Julia Davis’ superb dark comedy Camping in America, also for HBO. It ran for a single season in 2018.

Too Much is now the second show Dunham has created, alongside her husband Luis Felber.

The synopsis reads as follows:

Too Much follows Jessica (Megan Stalter), a New York workaholic in her mid-30s who is reeling from a broken relationship that she thought would last forever and slowly isolating everyone she knows. When every block in New York tells a story of her own bad behavior, the only solution is to take a job in London, where she plans to live a life of solitude like a Brontë sister. But when she meets Felix (Will Sharpe) — who is less Hugh Grant in “Notting Hill” and more Hugh Grant’s drunken roommate — she finds that their unusual connection is impossible to ignore, even as it creates more problems than it solves. Now they have to ask themselves: Do Americans and Brits actually speak the same language? The series is an ex-pat rom-com for the disillusioned who wonder if true love is still possible, but sincerely hope that it is.

Dunham writes and directs the series, while Felber is also responsible for the music.

Too Much, which will be ten episodes long, is currently in production and will stream on Netflix. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more.


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