Hit Man trailer | Glen Powell sure likes his pie

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Glen Powell enjoys a tasty baked treat in the first look at Richard Linklater’s new film. Check out the Hit Man trailer below:

Glen Powell seems to be enjoying his moment in the sun right now. Not only was Top Gun: Maverick (you might have heard of it) the second-highest grossing film of 2022, it looks like his latest star vehicle – Shakespeare-inspired rom-com Anyone But You – has turned into the surprise box office smash of this winter season.

Helpfully for his career, then, he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Netflix have just released the first trailer for his upcoming collaboration with Richard Linklater, Hit Man, which finds the Hollywood hotshot pretending to be a series of assassins to put their potential clients in jail.

Check out the Hit Man trailer below:

Eschewing a cinema release for reasons which are as predictable as they are insane (namely, it’s Netflix, and the brief cinema success of Glass Onion taught them nothing), the comedy-thriller finds Powell’s unlucky-in-love philosophy professor, Gary Johnson, helping weed out potential killers by posing as an assassin-for-hire on his days off. But when Adria Arjona’s Maddy Masters asks for his help and steals his heart, things start to go a bit off the rails.

Linklater and Powell co-wrote the script for this one, based off Skip Hollandsworth’s Texas Monthly article of the same name, and did the festival rounds last year to some pretty ecstatic reviews.

Arriving on Netflix on 7th June, we’re very excited for this one. So excited, we’d love to spend actual money to buy a cinema ticket for it. Oh well.

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