Indie filmmaker reads out mean reviews of his movie

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Indie filmmakers often have to put up with reviews of their movies that aren’t on the kind side – and one director has been hitting them head on.

British filmmaker Simon Cox is one of many independent writers and directors who pour their heart and soul into a project. In his case, he spent a decade and change trying to get his film Invasion Planet Earth off the ground, a film that goes right back to his love of sci-fi growing up.

The movie got a brief cinema release at the end of last year, and then was a hit on DVD back at the beginning of 2020. But as with many indie filmmakers – particular in sci-fi – Cox is being measured against blockbuster movies with multiple times his resources.

For the film’s Australian release, though, the distributors asked Cox to read out some of the less positive reviews of his movie, and I thought this was a fine way to tackle things head on a bit. I’ve a lot of time for Cox’s film, and a lot of time for Cox too. You can support his movie here – it costs 99p to rent or £2.99 to buy at Amazon.

Here’s him facing up to his critics…


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