Jay Kelly | Noah Baumbach’s next project attracts starry cast

Noah Baumbach
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A fun ensemble join Adam Sandler and George Clooney for Noah Baumbach’s latest film for Netflix, Jay Kelly.


At the back end of last year, we covered the story that hot off the success of co-writing 2023’s highest-grossing film, Barbie. Noah Baumbach was returning to Netflix to make another movie.

The director of Frances Ha and The Squid And The Whale has made Netflix his home over the past few years, releasing his last four films exclusively on the streaming platform.

When the film was initially announced, we learned that Adam Sandler would be once again working with Baumbach following their collaboration on 2017’s The Meyerowitz Stories. That film marked the beginning of Baumbach’s relationship with Netflix and the director has since gone on to release Marriage Story and White Noise on the platform.

George Clooney is also starring in the upcoming project, entitled Jay Kelly. Clooney replaced Brad Pitt who was originally announced to be starring opposite Adam Sandler before production schedules went haywire last year because of the strikes and he was forced to pull out to focus on the Formula 1 racing movie he is making with Apple.

Further casting has now been announced for Baumbach’s next film and it’s suitably interesting: Laura Dern, Billy Crudup and Riley Keough have all joined the project, which World of Reel is describing as an ‘ensemble piece’. Hopefully that means they all get plenty to do in the film, which is said to be a ‘funny and emotional coming-of-age story about adults.”

This film based on a screenplay Baumbach co-wrote with actor Emily Mortimer and we’re anticipating the same themes of anxiety and social awkwardness that seem to pervade all of his films, no matter where they land on the spectrum between dramatic and comedic.

We’re here for this one, especially given the quality of the talent that will be in front of the camera. We’ll bring you more on Jay Kelly as we hear it.

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