Jeff Nichols looking to adapt Cormac McCarthy’s The Passenger

The Passenger book
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Jeff Nichols is reportedly looking to adapt Cormac McCarthy’s final two novels for what may be his follow-up project to The Bikeriders.

Cormac McCarthy was a legendary American writer and his works have led to a number of films that have varied in quality. From out and out brilliance, such as The Road or No Country For Old Men to projects that deserve a second look such as Ridley Scott’s The Counselor (for which McCarthy penned the script), there’s always something to admire about the writer’s work.

One filmmaker who seems particularly engaged with McCarthy’s work is Jeff Nichols. Nichols has his first film in seven years due out soon, The Bikeriders. That film is a period drama which boasts an impressive ensemble cast that saw its release delayed due to last year’s strikes meaning that said cast couldn’t promote it.

Nichols completed work on The Bikeriders almost a year ago now, so it’s only natural that he’s begun to look for his next project. According to World Of Reel, he may just have found it too. The outlet is reporting that Nichols is in negotiations to acquire the screen rights to The Passenger, one of the final two McCarthy novels to be published in 2022, following the author’s death in 2023.

The plot for the story is as follows: ‘Set in New Orleans, around 1980, The Passenger follows Bobby and Alicia Western, two siblings whose father helped develop the atomic bomb.’

The story is followed by Stella Maris, a companion novel which Nichols is reportedly also trying to acquire.

With films like Take Shelter and Mud, Nichols has developed a knack for telling stories that explore the American psyche with insight and beauty. As such, the thought of him getting to work with material from McCarthy, one of American literature’s finest writers, is an exciting one indeed. If and when we hear confirmation of this one happening, you can be sure we’ll let you know.

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