Joe Cornish offers update on Attack The Block 2

Attack The Block
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The sequel to the cult favourite Attack The Block is set to be far more expansive, it seems. More here. 

It’s getting close to a couple of years now since it was announced that we’d be getting a sequel to the cult 2011 sci-fi action flick,  Attack The Block. The film was directed and written by Joe Cornish and, despite not making a profit at the time of its release, it has certainly found its audience in the years since, becoming an ever-present on streaming platforms and sparking interest continued interest in a sequel. Especially since so many of the science fiction classics the film tipped its hat to also spawned famous follow-ups.

Cornish has been busy writing the sequel alongside star John Boyega who has been part of the scripting process too. Whilst the wait for a production date continues, Cornish has popped up to offer another brief update on the project, stating that “we have a very detailed treatment and a storyline we’re very, very excited about – and when I say ‘we,’ I mean me and John Boyega, who [I’m co-producing the film with] and consulting very closely with”.

He added that they’re deep into research. “We think about Alien and Aliens and Terminator and Terminator 2, and we wanna take a shot at doing our version of what people did for [those movies].”

The films Cornish references were notable in really ramping up the scale when it came to their sequels, so perhaps that’s what Cornish is hinting at. Attack The World, anyone? The filmmaker also mentions a ‘detailed treatment’ which makes it sound like the script itself isn’t yet finished so it’s still unclear as to when this will be heading in front of cameras.

Attack The Block’s original production team are returning, including Edgar Wright as producer, with Studiocanal and Film4 once again backing the project. We’ll let you know more on this one just as soon as we hear it.

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