Joker sequel rated R for ‘strong violence’ and ‘brief full nudity’

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The sequel to the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time is, surprise surprise, also rated R. More below…

Anyone hoping to watch Joker: Folie à Deux with their nan could be in for an awkward trip to the multiplex. The US Motion Picture Association has given the upcoming musical sequel an R rating, citing “some strong violence, language throughout, some sexuality and brief full nudity”.

This, unsurprisingly, puts Todd Phillips’ follow-up on the top shelf of the DVD rack alongside its predecessor, which the Association also rated R for “strong bloody violence, disturbing behavior, language and brief sexual images”.

Folie à Deux sees Joaquin Phoenix reprise his role as the titular clown-based rapscallion, with Lady Gaga starring opposite as psychiatrist-turned, er, whatever the opposite of a psychiatrist is, Harley Quinn. Whether or not she’ll carry her signature massive cartoon hammer is yet to be seen.

While the sequel’s surprisingly musical credentials have been known for some time, Variety revealed in March that the soundtrack would be more jukebox than original – containing at least 15 interpretations of songs including Judy Garland’s The Band Wagon hit, That’s Entertainment.

The first Joker's age ratings proved unusually controversial on its release in 2019. After debuting at the 76th Venice International Film Festival, speculation grew that the film’s grubby tone would inspire a spate of copycat crimes and violence from the online incel community.

Meanwhile, in the UK, the BBFC's decision to grant the film a 15 certificate (for strong bloody violence and language) earned Phillips’ comic book juggernaut the lauded “most complained about” rating of that year.

Speaking of the BBFC, its rating hasn’t been made public at the time of writing. Maybe they’re still processing its unfathomable nastiness. Or maybe they haven’t seen it yet. We’ll let you know when they’ve made a decision.

Joker: Folie à Deux is set to arrive in cinemas on 4th October, with the film’s first trailer coming on 9th April.

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