Kevin Costner | Chris Hemsworth wanted lead in mystery new project

Chris Hemsworth in Extraction
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Kevin Costner seems to have another movie as director lined up, outside of Horizon: An American Saga – more here.

Later this year, Kevin Costner’s return to the director’s chair arrives on the big screen, with the release of Horizon: An American Saga. In fact, two separate Horizon: An American Saga movies will be in US cinemas this summer, with Costner co-writing, starring and directing both. He then has plans to make two more films in the series.

By the sounds of things though, he has a smaller project lined up that he’s also looking to direct. The metaphorical cat has been let out of the also-metaphorical bag by Chris Hemsworth (pictured here in Netflix’s Extraction), who’s been chatting about a role that he didn’t get.

In conversation with Entertainment Tonight, he revealed that he’d been chasing a role after falling in love with a script. He was told that Kevin Costner had the role, and Hemsworth talked about spending “an hour the other day trying to convince him and he was like, ‘I’m doing it kid’”.

Chris Hemsworth didn’t get the role. But there is then the mystery as to just what the role might be. He’d talked about the film being “a small story about a man and a woman”, that also has “horses involved” (but not like that).

Entertainment Tonight thus went to Kevin Costner to find out more, and he confirmed that “it’s a love story, but as long as I’m still young enough to play it, I’ll play it”. He was praising of Chris Hemsworth, so there’s no animosity on either side. But also, this still seems to be a film we don’t know about.

It’s almost certainly separate from the Horizon saga, despite the presence of horses. And perhaps this is a smaller project that Kevin Costner is looking to fit in before he completes that particular saga.

More on whatever the film is as we hear it. Sounds like busy times in Costner-land…

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