Kevin Costner sets new movie, to shoot in 2025

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Kevin Costner has a new movie passion project, and it’s set to shoot at the start of 2025: more on the film here.

Busy, busy times in the filmmaking life of Kevin Costner. After taking several years away from the big screen to pursue the TV series Yellowstone – with the exception of impressive big screen thriller Let Him Go in 2020 – he’s now got several movies on the go.

Two of them are already shot: the opening two parts of the planned four movie western saga Horizon. Whilst we don’t have UK release details, the two Horizon: An American Saga films that are pretty much completed will be released this summer. The plan is for four films, but as was revealed a few weeks ago, the funding isn’t quite in place for films three and four.

Kevin Costner has co-written the films. He also directs and stars. Given that he hasn’t directed a film since the terrific Open Range over 20 years ago, this is something of a big deal. For me, certainly.

Beyond that, another film that’s described as a passion project of Costner’s is also pressing ahead.

The unnamed film is one that Kevin Costner will star and produce in, and it’s a script that by the sounds of it he’s had the rights to for some time. Ariel Vromen will direct the film, with the pair previously collaborating on 2016’s Criminal (not a career high for either of them that particular film, I’d suggest).

The idea is for shooting to get underway on the new film in the first stages of 2025, and that may yet allow for a release at the end of 2025. No confirmation of that as it stands. Furthermore, I’d imagine that if the money for the rest of Horizon: An American Saga falls into place, that may yet lead to a scheduling knock on. That’s me playing guessing games, though.

More news on the mystery film as we get it. In fact, more news on any new Kevin Costner project as we get it…


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