Kick-Ass spin-off film The Stuntman now filming in the UK

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The Matthew Vaughn-produced The Stuntman is the second in a new trilogy spun out of 2010’s superhero deconstruction, Kick-Ass.

Matthew Vaughn’s Argylle might not have landed in the manner that he’d have liked, but the filmmaker is already busying himself with his next big project. That will be a trilogy of films that are said to spin-off from Kick-Ass, Vaughn’s 2010 mayhem-filled satire of the superhero genre.

The first film in the trilogy is reportedly titled School Fight and focuses on ‘a teenager who fights with a classmate over a mutual romantic interest.’

That one was completed a while ago, with footage being shared as far back as 2022. As it stands though, we still don’t have a release date for the film, but we do know that it was directed by former stuntman Damien Walters, making his directorial debut. Walters also did some second unit directing on the aforementioned Argylle.

Vaughn produced School Fight through his Marv production company, and will be doing the same for this second film which is entitled The Stuntman. According to Variety, Walters is directing this one too, with the story ‘dealing with two brothers who become stuntmen and is reportedly a 1970s period piece.’

Walters is believed to be directing the third film too, which some sources believe will be a reboot of the original Kick-Ass, which Vaughn is scripting. We have to admit, we’re curious about the style of approach here while at the same time, a little apprehensive. Kick-Ass was a glorious addition to 2010’s movie slate, arriving to gleefully satirise the growing superhero genre that was just beginning to take off following the 2008 double whammy of Iron Man and The Dark Knight.

Hopefully this new trio of films have something just as interesting to say about whichever genre they end up being part of. We’ll let you know more as we hear it.

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