Killers Of The Flower Moon is finally heading to AppleTV+

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Martin Scorsese’s critically acclaimed Killers Of The Flower Moon is finally heading to AppleTV+ this month. 

You can finally watch Killers Of The Flower Moon at home, with no extra cost if you subscribe to AppleTV+. This means you can watch the movie in close proximity to your toilet. The 3.5 hour epic is heading to AppleTV+ on 12th January after premiering in cinemas last October. The film has been available to buy and rent for about a month, but the AppleTV+ date has been kept secret until now.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone and Robert De Niro star in Scorsese’s 26th narrative feature and is currently one of the frontrunners this awards season. Expect much fame and glory, especially for Gladstone, who’s currently the favourite to take home every Best Actress award under the sun. 

The film, based on the real Osage County murders, has been a smash hit for Apple, although maybe not in the most conventional of ways. The film has grossed $156m, which isn’t enough to even recoup the reported $200m budget, but it’s a film everyone seems to be talking about – and, as mentioned, it’s a huge contender at all the upcoming awards ceremonies, including the Golden Globes, BAFTAs and Oscars. 

The film is also bringing plenty of prestige for Apple, which also distributed CODA, the Best Picture winner in 2021. Their other awards contender Napoleon, from Ridley Scott, hasn’t quite made the same impact in the industry, although we were big fans of the film.

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Killers Of The Flower Moon also ignited a fierce debate about film runtimes. Many felt that artists should be allowed to make films as long as they want, while some felt that three and a half hours was a little excessive. Tell that to Zack Snyder, I beg you. 

Some cinemas even went as far as adding intermissions to the film, without Apple, co-distributor Paramount Pictures or Scorsese’s approval. That didn’t go down well.

At least when the film hits streaming, you can pause and wee at your convenience. 

You can catch Killers Of The Flower Moon on AppleTV+, if you have a subscription, from 12th January.  

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