Knives Out 3 filming this November, Daniel Craig returning

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery
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It looks like Rian Johnson will be filming Knives Out 3 at the end of the year, with Daniel Craig back as Benoit Blanc.

A week or two back, writer/producer/director Rian Johnson – and his producing partner Ram Bergman – inked a new two-picture deal with Warner Bros. However, as speculated at the time, Warner Bros is going to have to wait its turn in the queue, as Johnson fulfils his commitment to Netflix. The same Netflix that paid for two Knives Out movies.

It’s had one already: Glass Onion, that proved a hit for the streamer back in 2022. Now, Johnson is ready to press ahead with Knives Out 3, and a report over at World Of Reel indicates that filming will take place at the end of this year. A November 2024 start date is being mooted, which suggests that whatever Knives Out 3 ends up being called will be out and in front of eyeballs for Christmas 2025.

Johnson will be writing the script again as well as directing. Daniel Craig will be back as Benoit Blanc. After that, it’s a bit take your pick when it comes to speculating as to the shape of the picture. The first and second films shared no members of cast outside of Craig, and it’s expected that this too will be a standalone mystery feature.

Further information remains thin on the ground, of course. It’s known that this is the last Knives Out film that Rian Johnson is contracted to make, but he’s previously indicated he’s happy to keep making them. It might just require someone else to stump up the cash going forward: maybe as part of that Warner Bros deal, that you can read about here.

As we hear more about Knives Out 3 – not least including its eventual title – we’ll let you know. Until then, just be assured that somewhere, Daniel Craig is polishing up that mighty, mighty accent.

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