Late Night With The Devil trailer lands

Late Night With The Devil
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Ahead of the acclaimed horror flick’s arrival later this month, check out the full-length trailer for Late Night With The Devil.

There are plenty of reasons why we’re fully on board for the upcoming horror flick, Late Night With The Devil.

It has a retro 1970s feel that looks incredible. It also has the wonderful David Dastmalchian (who often appears in smaller but memorable roles) getting a leading role. Then there’s the festival buzz which has been very strong indeed. Oh, and there’s also the fact that horror hasn’t really found its feet yet here in 2024.

Whilst it wasn’t terrible, Night Swim didn’t have anywhere near the same impact that Blumhouse’s traditional year-opening horror has in the past, and we feel like we’re waiting for the first truly rousing chiller of the year to get the cinematic scares up and running.

Australian filmmakers Colin and Cameron Cairn are behind this film which is situated on Halloween night 1977. Here’s the synopsis:

Johnny Carson rival, Jack Delroy (David Dastmalchian), is the host of Night Owls, a once hugely popular syndicated talk show.A year on from the tragic death of Jack’s wife, ratings have plummeted, and sponsors are getting nervous. Desperate to turn his fortunes around, Jack pulls out all the stops for his annual Halloween special. He books a psychic, a professional skeptic, a parapsychologist and a young girl allegedly possessed by the devil…’

The film is said to unfold in real-time and also stars Laura Gordon, Ian Bliss, Fayssal Bazzi, Ingrid Torelli, Rhys Auteri, Georgina Haig and Josh Quong Tart in its ensemble. We’re getting the film on 19th March so not long to wait now.

Last year, we saw two Australian brothers direct Talk To Me, a summer release that really helped to elevate the quality of the horror genre in 2023. Danny and Michael Philippou were behind that film (which is getting a sequel) and we’re hoping a different set of Australian siblings can do the same this year with Late Night With The Devil.

Here’s that trailer below.

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