Lewis Pullman reveals how actors went to the loo during Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun Maverick
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Forget Top Gun: Maverick's incredible box office run, here’s the story of the film’s greatest success: taking a leak.

So just how did those actors go to the loo during the making of Top Gun: Maverick? One of the greatest elements of last year’s hugely successful sequel to Top Gun was the commitment to practical filmmaking, which included putting the film’s actors (such as Tom Cruise, pictured) in jet planes and zooming them around the skies. Whilst it looked great, getting to a loo if you get caught short would be out of the question.

Still, when you get down to it, all filmmaking is essentially about solving problems and this was no different. Lewis Pullman, one of the film’s ensemble has revealed to Vanity Fair that “We had two boots of gelatin powder strapped to our calves. It would solidify because if there was a leak, it would be a disaster. Let’s put it this way: I used both bags quite a bit.”

A quick web search has revealed that you can indeed purchase this product online, should you want to recreate the true Top Gun: Maverick experience whilst, say, you’re stuck in traffic on the M6. Apparently it turns liquid, yes, that liquid into a sort of gel which sounds far easier to store until you get back onto terra firma (or in the case of the M6, get past Junction 10).

We’ve ordered a few jars, so expect a review on the Film Stories website in short order. Four stars, surely.

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