Life After The NeverEnding Story | Behind-the-scenes doc coming to Blu-ray 1st June

life after the neverending story documentary
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The NeverEnding Story gets the documentary treatment to celebrate its 40th anniversary. More below…

Wolfgang Petersen’s The NeverEnding Story is one of those films that’s taken on a life of its own since its release. The most expensive film produced outside of the US or the USSR back in 1984, the decidedly odd story of a young boy and his puppet-filled quest to stop an indescribable evil has developed something of a cult following despite – or perhaps because of – its occasionally hallucinogenic tale of flying goblins and drowning horses.

Perfect fodder, then, for the Life After treatment. Hot on the tail of Life After Flash and Life After The Navigator, director Lisa Downs and Life After Movies’ latest documentary takes a look at the legacy of one of the most beloved fantasy films of the 1980s, exploring the life of its child star, Noah Hathaway in the years since.

The film’s arriving on region-free Blu-ray from 1st June in the midst of NeverEnding Fantasy Con, a three-day event which also includes the premiere of Man And Witch: The Dance of a Thousand Steps – Tami Stronach’s triumphant return to the fantasy genre – and a screening and Q+A with Stronach and the Balladeer himself, Limahl.

Check out the Life After The NeverEnding Story trailer below:

As huge fans of disturbingly proportioned fantasy puppets and documentaries, we really can’t recommend this one enough. Pre-order the Blu-ray now, or grab tickets to The NeverEnding Fantasy Con to catch a screening in-person.

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