The Neverending Story | New documentary is funding, will tell making-of story

Life After The Neverending Story
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Life After The Neverending Story is seeking funds now, and will explore 1984’s The Neverending Story.

Those who’ve watched Wolfgang Petersen’s 1984 family movie The Neverending Story will know all about one particularly traumatic sequence contained within it. No spoilers, but those of us who watched the film at a certain age know the moment we’re talking about. It almost makes Return To Oz look approachable.

Still, the aptly-named film – sequels did indeed follow – was an unusual production and a sizeable hit. A German film that found international favour, and a hit single too, it’s a genuine curiosity, and also a film that still stacks up.

Well, certainly the makers behind a new documentary hope so. Lisa Downs, a British filmmaker, is making Life After The Neverending Story, and she’s currently fundraising for the film.

Downs has form here: she’s previously brought to life Life After Flash (about Flash Gordon) and Life After The Navigator (about Flight Of The Navigator, and the subsequent personal battles of its young star, Joey Cramer). Downs is already working on several other films, including one about Goodfellas. She gets those involved in the film in front of a camera, captures their stories, and edits them into nerdy films.

She’s also already pretty much finished Life After The Neverending Story – in fact, it’s shot and edited, according to Downs – with plenty of interviews in the can (Wolfgang Petersen passed away a year or two back, though, so he’s sadly going to be missing).

But the struggle now is getting the film a decent release when it lands in 2024. That’s some challenge, and Downs is therefore seeking £10,000 over the coming month. If she hits that goal then the film will be finished a little quicker and given a better release, which in turn means audiences will have an easier time finding it.

You can find the campaign on Kickstarter over here.

And here’s that song from the original film…

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