The Last Of Us Part II: Remastered is coming to PS5 in January

The Last of Us Part II: Remastered key art
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The new version of The Last Of Us Part II for PS5 boasts DualSense support, updated graphics and a new survival mode.

It seems like only yesterday that The Last of Us Part II was released in the dying days of the PS4, but now the game is being reworked for the PS5.

The Last Of Us Part II: Remastered was announced in a post on the PlayStation Blog, although the news would have been of little surprise to people who keenly follow games industry gossip. Rumours of a remaster began swirling back in July after the game’s composer alluded to new editions of the title being in the works in a video interview with BLENDER, and various other leaks have pointed to a remaster since then.

The Last Of Us Part II: Remastered will launch on PlayStation 5 on 19th January 2024, some three and a half years after the original game debuted on PS4. That game was, of course, playable on PS5 as well as PS4, but this new PS5-exclusive version will add support for the DualSense controller’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, as well as taking advantage of the machine’s SSD for faster loading times.

The graphics have also been enhanced for the remaster, featuring native 4K output in fidelity mode and 1440p upscaled to 4K in performance mode, as well as increased texture resolution and shadow quality, among other improvements. Some commenters have already said they are struggling to tell the difference between the PS4 and PS5 graphics, but it will only be possible to make a true comparison once the game is released.

Perhaps the most interesting news is that The Last Of Us Part II: Remastered will be shipping with a new roguelike survival mode called No Return. It will feature various playable characters from the Last Of Us franchise, each with different traits, and they will be facing randomised stealth and combat encounters, with scores being posted to a global leaderboard.

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There are a few other neat additions, too. A director’s commentary has been provided by director Neil Druckmann, narrative lead Halley Gross and the actors Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson and Laura Bailey, plus there’s a set of ‘Lost Levels’. These levels were cut from the original game and are only part-finished, but can be played through here with a commentary explaining the intentions behind them. Finally, there’s a new Guitar Free Play mode that lets you pick away at a variety of unlockable instruments.

Credit: Sony/Naughty Dog

In addition to creating The Last Of Us Part II: Remastered, Naughty Dog has been working a multiplayer game based on the Last Of Us franchise, as teased by studio head Neil Druckmann at the start of the year. However, a report last month suggested that this multiplayer game might now be on hold.

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