Materialists | Past Lives director Celine Song’s latest film begins filming

Dakota Johnson
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Dakota Johnson, Pedro Pascal and Chris Evans all star in Materialists, the next film from Oscar-nominated Past Lives director Celine Song. Filming’s now underway in New York.

Given writer-director Celine Song’s elegant 2023 romance Past Lives was nominated for two Oscars – including Best Picture – it’s little surprise that trendy production company A24 was keen to work with her again.

Song’s follow-up movie is somewhat different in tone from her debut, and much starrier: in here we have Dakota Johnson, Chris Evans and the phenomenally busy Pedro Pascal. According to the Film & Television Industry Alliance’s production list, filming was due to start in New York on the 15th May; there are now reports, however, that the shoot has already begun.

World of Reel has spotted a couple tweets that appear to confirm this, with one even showing Dakota Johnson on location in Manhattan. Here’s one now:

The FTIA have the film listed as The Materialists, but a quick look at the US Copyright Office’s records suggest its title is actually Materialists (it sounds cleaner), and has been since last July. The FTIA also has a synopsis, though, which reads:

Set against the vibrant backdrop of New York City, a city that never sleeps and is known for its diverse and dynamic relationships, Materialists provides a unique glimpse into the lives of the city’s elite. Lucy’s expertise in matchmaking is highly sought after by those willing to pay a premium for her services. However, the film hints at complications that arise, leading to a toxic love triangle that threatens to unravel the lives of all involved.

It’s another romantic drama of sorts, then, but one said to be lighter in tone than the wistful Past Lives; World of Reel suggests that Song’s reference point here is James L Brooks and his sparky comedy dramas, which include Terms Of Endearment and Broadcast News.

Materialists also means we’ll get to see Madame Web, Captain America and Mister Fantastic all in the same movie. The multiverse is an incredible thing.

More on Materialists as we get it.

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