“We’ve written it and it’s pretty cool” | Matthew Vaughn confirms The King’s Man 2 involves Hitler

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Matthew Vaughn is still working on The King’s Man 2, and we’re told it has Hitler in it. Lots of stabbing and shooting, too, presumably.

2021’s The King’s Man might have struggled a little at the box office, debuting slap-bang in the middle of Hollywood’s tentative reawakening post-lockdowns, but it seems Matthew Vaughn is well into preparations on a sequel to the prequel (a pre-sequel? A se-prequel? We’re not entirely sure).

Speaking to Collider, the director also revealed the Ralph Fiennes-starring film was once going to be a TV series.

The King’s Man was originally meant to be a TV series and I got persuaded to make it as a film. What we wanted to do was something like The Crown but with espionage and a bit of a Kingsman hit going through all of the decades.”

While a prestige TV period-piece showing off the changing face of tailoring through the 20th century sounds like rather a lot of fun, it seems Vaughn has now tied the prequel follow-up into the shape of a full feature sub-titled, for now at least, The Traitor King.

“The next one is about the rise of Hitler, and how Hitler did come to power and basically was supported by the English aristocracy,” he added, referring to the prequel’s Marvel-style post credits scene, featuring David Kross as a certain Austrian dictator.

“[We’ve] written it and it’s pretty cool.”

Matthew Vaughn, it seems, remains as busy as ever – his next original feature, Argyle, is due for release on Apple TV+ on 2 February 2024, while filming on Kick-Ass 3 and Kingsman: The Blue Blood (supposedly the last outing of Taron Edgerton’s Eggsy) is scheduled to kick off shortly after.

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