Maude Apatow to make her directorial debut with Poetic Licence

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Maude Apatow is set to direct Poetic Licence, a film about two best friends as they compete for the attention and affection of their teacher. 

Maude Apatow is moving behind the camera. The actress has just set up her own production company, Jewelbox Pictures, together with Olivia Rosenbloom. 

As reported by Deadline, the production company’s first project is Poetic Licence in which two best friends are competing for the affection of their middle-aged teacher. Raffi Donatich is penning the script. Deadline’s article doesn’t specify whether the film will be a comedy, but that would certainly fit the bill and Apatow would have plenty of experience in the field as the daughter of comedy director Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann. 

Apatow told Deadline that the film “encapsulates the pressures of growing up, and how those pressures don’t necessarily ever go away. It’s a coming-of-age story for all ages. I think this movie is universal, timeless and has the potential to be something very special. I couldn’t be more excited to bring it to life.”

Apatow is known as Lexi in HBO’s Euphoria which is currently in a special kind of production hell as the long-awaited third season is delayed. HBO recently released a statement that promised that the creative team is still “committed” to making it, but the cast are free to pursue other projects in the meantime. 

Of starting Jewelbox Pictures, Apatow and Rosenbloom said: “We have both always been drawn to flawed and complicated characters and using comedy as a tool to tell their stories.”

They added: “We are so excited to launch Jewelbox and hope it can be a home for artists with distinct voices and perspectives to develop compelling original ideas.”

Jewelbox Pictures, despite only being founded so recently, also have two other projects in production. The first one is How to Murder Your Life, based on Cat Marnell’s memoir of the same name. The film look at drug addiction and self-sabotage in fashion journalism. Marnell is on board as an executive producer but the project is still looking for a writer and director. 

The second one is Female Friendship, which will be written and directed by Emily Rappaport. The film will follow two friends, one of whom is going through a female-to-male gender transition. 

More on Poetic Licence, How To Murder Your Life and Female Friendship as we hear it. 

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