Move over The Beekeeper – Emma Thompson is to headline action thriller The Fisherwoman

Emma Thompson
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Emma Thompson looks set to do a bit of fishing and foil a kidnapping in The Fisherwoman: more on the film here.

The resurgent trend of action movies named after day-to-day jobs and activities continues. This year alone, Aaron Eckhart has been The Bricklayer, and Jason Statham as – of course – The Beekeeper.

Now though, step forward Emma Thompson. I’ve long wondered if she might take an action project, and it appears that’s what’s happened. Not just any one either: she’s going to headline The Fisherwoman.

I’m in already, for the avoidance of any doubt.

Filming is getting underway on the film this very week, and it’ll tell the story of Thompson’s widowed fisherwoman, who interrupts a kidnapping. Laurel Marsen, who was in Ms Marvel, will play the teenager who was about to get kidnapped until Emma Thompson rocked up. But there’s more to this than that, with Judy Greer, Gaia Wise and Marc Menchaca all in the ensemble according to Deadline.

Brian Kirk – who last directed the Chadwick Boseman-headlined 21 Bridges on the big screen – is behind the camera for The Fisherwoman. The script has been penned by Nicholas Jacobson-Larson and Dalton Leeb, and filming is getting underway in Finland at first, and then moving to Germany.

Whether Emma Thompson will take time out from foiling kidnappers to sit on the bank and try and land a carp is unclear at this stage. Will obviously report back on such vital matters when I learn more.

In the meantime, with filming underway, it points towards a release at the end of this year at the earliest, but more likely a treat to be served up in 2025. Who knows? Maybe there’s a franchise in this? We can but hope.

More on The Fisherwoman as we hear it, and that’s a sentence that I never really thought I’d write. Still, here we are…

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