My Bloody Valentine reboot in the works at Blumhouse

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Jason Blum and co. are bringing back the pickaxes as they get ready to reboot the My Bloody Valentine franchise. 

Freddy Krueger. Jason Voorhees. Michael Myers. Jigsaw. There’s a lot of iconic killers in horror franchises, but there’s one that might have slipped past you; Harry Warden. 

Harry Warden was the slightly supernatural killer in 1981’s My Bloody Valentine and while the film never became a hit in its own time, Blumhouse is looking to reboot it as reported first by Bloody Disgusting

My Bloody Valentine is only the latest in Blumhouse’s reboot plans. The studio, headed by Jason Blum, is also working on a new Blair Witch Project film and have previously released a remake of Fantasy Island and of course, the new Halloween and The Exorcist sequels. 

My Bloody Valentine will certainly be more of a challenge. The original film took place in the fictional town of Valentine Bluffs, where a deranged miner is ripping people’s hearts out, literally, but the film has remained somewhat obscure, never reaching the same level of fame as the other 1980s slashers. 

The film earned itself a remake in 2009 at the height of the horror remake boom. That one starred Jensen Ackles of Supernatural fame as the son of the owner of the mine where an accident claims the lives of multiple miners except Harry Warden who goes on a murder spree. The film was released in 3D, with a lot of gnarly stuff being thrown at the screen. The home release version included the old-fashioned red and blue paper glasses which disintegrated almost immediately in your hands. 

There’s no word on whether Blumhouse are going to go the traditional remake route for their reboot or do something along the lines of Halloween. My Bloody Valentine doesn’t have the same nostalgia element as Blumhouse’s previous reboots, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the horror house comes up with. 

More on My Bloody Valentine as we hear it. 

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