New British short film tackling baby loss and mental health needs your support

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Blank Shores is a new sci-fi drama, which aims to shine a light on the loss of a child.


Producer Clare Shields is bringing an ambitious short film to the screen over the coming months, as she seeks to raise funds for Blank Shores.

The film stars BAFTA-winner Georgina Campbell, and it’s described as a mysterious sci-fi/drama. One that happens to explore the loss of a baby, along with the mental health of mothers and fathers as they try and come to terms with it. It’s written and directed by Alex Kyrou.

Clare has been teaming up with the brilliant charities CALM and Sands as she seeks to raise further awareness of the project. And she’s turned to crowdfunding to pull together the budget she needs to realise the movie.

Reckon this sounds like a project you’d support? The fundraising drive comes to an end on May 19th. You can find the Kickstarter page right here.



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