New UK sci-fi thriller White Chamber sets May release

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Shauna Macdonald stars in White Chamber – and you can see the trailer for the new thriller here.

Set in a future Britain, one  – it says here – ‘ignited by Brexit and the Trump presidency’, White Chamber is a new British sci-fi thriller that sees the UK in the midst of a civil war. It’s against this backdrop that a woman called Ruth finds herself waking up in a bright white cubed room, by the name of the White Chamber. With a tip of a hat to the terrific Cube, Ruth finds herself stuck in this chamber, whilst her captor seeks to get answers from her. But, as the blurb teases, does Ruth know more about the chamber than we first realise?

Ruth is played by Shauna Macdonald, and the movie comes from director Paul Raschid. What’s more, a release date for White Chamber has been announced, as the British production will be arriving on video on demand platforms at the very start of May.

Here’s a trailer for the movie…

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