Nicolas Cage shoots down National Treasure 3, seemingly for good

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Nicolas Cage won’t be back to National Treasure 3, and he says that the film isn’t happening at Disney.

By this stage, it’s hardly surprising that this particular story has come to this particular conclusion. But hey: National Treasure 3 isn’t going to happen.

The news was confirmed by its star, Nicolas Cage, who’s on the promotional trail at the moment over at the SXSW Festival. He was asked directly by Screen Rant if National Treasure 3 was going to happen, and gave a fairly to the point reply.

“No, there is no National Treasure 3”, he said. “If you want to find treasure, don’t look at Disney, okay? It’s not there.”

That was the end of his statement on the matter. Shit, I’ve got to get 300 words out of this.

The only sliver of surprise about it was earlier this year, Nicolas Cage had suggested that he was open to another film. In fact, National Treasure 3 has been talked about since way back in 2008. It gets mentioned every time producer Jerry Bruckheimer gives another bunch of interviews, where he continues to insist there’s a path forward for the film.

The truth is though that it’s just not the kind of film that Disney makes anymore, especially for theatrical release (the currently-in-production TRON: Ares is the one notably exception). A sequel for Disney+ you could imagine, but instead we got the TV series National Treasure: Edge Of History, that came to an end last year.

Thing is, in 2020, National Treasure 3 was being officially written, and appreciating I’m reading a fair bit into few words, I do wonder if Nicolas Cage’s words suggest displeasure with Disney on this particular project.

Bottom line, it ain’t happening. We’re going to have to get by with just the two National Treasure films.

Nicolas Cage, incidentally, was promoting the film Arcadian. No idea when we’re getting that over here, but be assured we’ll be looking for it.

There you go. 300 words. Smashed it.

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