Speed | UK cinema release in April, for film’s 30th birthday

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Speed is heading back into UK cinemas this April, bringing Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock and a massive bus along with it.

Every now and then we run a story about a film having an anniversary re-release that makes not just the writer of the piece in question feel old, but a certain subset of those reading.

Speed, then. The Jan De Bont-directed hit action movie that turned Keanu Reeves into a summer blockbuster movie star. That had a similar effect on Sandra Bullock too. The one about the bus that can’t go below 50. The one with Dennis Hopper and the watch. The one with the sequel where the thing went really slowly and the audience went WTF. That one.

The original remains a modern blockbuster classic, and was a big hit back in the summer of 1994. And if you fancy seeing Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels, the haircut, the bus, Dennis Hopper et al back on the big screen, then you’re very much in luck.

Thanks to the folks at Park Circus, Speed is returning to cinemas in the UK on Friday 19th April, just over a month away.

What’s more, it seems to be getting quite a wide release too. Speed’s 30th birthday re-release is set to play on over 100 screens around the UK. With a bit of luck, that means it’s not going to be concentrated in big cities, and we’ll all get a chance to watch it.

And to hear it, too. Mark Mancina’s score to the movie is a terrific piece of work. Distinctly remember going to see the film on its opening night in the UK, and wanting to buy the soundtrack CD. Took a long, long time to get a full release of that.

Pre-booking should be opening up over the coming weeks, and if you’ve not had the pleasure, please be assured that Speed on the big screen is bloody brilliant. Will leave you with the original trailer for it…

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