Odeon is introducing double beds in their UK cinemas

odeon beds
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Your upcoming cinema trip just got a lot more comfier. Odeon is trialling double beds in its Milton Keynes location. 

Cinemas have been struggling for a while now. Streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ have made entertainment available from home and for a lot cheaper too. In order for cinemas to compete with the cheap and somewhat cheerful streaming services, it’s all about the experience, which has seen the rise of luxury cinemas that tend to be more expensive, but also a little comfier than your usual multiplex. 

Well, Odeon just stepped up their game. 

The cinema chain responded to someone on X (formerly known as Twitter), confirming that Odeon is introducing double beds at their Milton Keynes location. These will be located at the front, closest to the screen, replacing the first row of regular seats. 

According to Odeon’s response, you can book the bed for yourself, together with your mate or up to three of you. Thankfully, it also seems that only one party can purchase a bed as a single seat, so no one can book the other side of the bed with you if you’re on a solo trip to watch the latest Marvel movie. 

That seems to be the biggest difference between these new VIP Beds and the sofas and loveseats currently offered by other chains like Picturehouse and Everyman Cinemas. If you book a seat on a sofa, someone else could nab the seat next to you and you’re stuck touching thighs with a complete stranger for potentially over three hours. 

On Odeon’s website, booking a bed for yourself will set you back £22. If there’s two of you, the price goes up to £34 and if three of you are squeezing on the bed, you’ll have to fork out £42 to lie down and watch the film. 

Odeon already has their Luxe cinemas with recliners and staff who will deliver your very expensive popcorn and drinks to your seat, but beds are a first for the cinema chain. Now, if the film is boring, you can have a nice little nap. Others might be tempted to try other activities though, which is why it’s good that the seats look easy enough to wipe clean. 

Odeon are currently trialling the beds so it’s still unclear if they will become part of the furniture for good and spread to other locations as well. But if you’re located in Milton Keynes, or close enough, do let us know how those beds work for you!

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