Out Of Darkness | Stone age survival horror heading our way

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A Stone Age survival horror flick from Bleecker Street? Sounds good to us, let’s take a look at the trailer.

You know what there simply aren’t enough of? Stone Age survival horror movies. Not a thought that often crossed our minds until we saw the arrival of Out Of Darkness’ trailer and realised it this film is the February release that we very much needed, even if we didn’t know we needed it.

We’ve seen an alien hunter go after a Native American Comanche warrior in 2022’s Prey (with a sequel said to be in the works) and there was that low-budget British 2019 flick, Wolf, that saw a group of Roman soldiers having to face a frenzied werewolf north of Hadrian’s Wall in Dark Ages Britain. However, Out Of Darkness promises to send us even further back into the mists of history to have unwitting humans face off against an unseen predator.

Here’s the synopsis: ‘45,000 years ago, during the brutal Paleolithic era, a small boat reached the shore of an inhospitable landscape. Six people have struggled across the narrow sea in hopes of finding a new home.

When night falls, hope turns to terror as they realise they are not alone. As relationships in the group begin to fracture, a determined young woman confronts the terrible actions needed to survive this horrifying and mysterious new enemy.’

The film shot in the glorious cinematic wilderness of Gairlock and Wester Ross in Scotland and stars Safia Oakley-Green, Kit Young, Chuku Modu, Iola Evans, Arno Lüning and Luna Mwezi with Andrew Cumming making his debut as director.

The film is hitting US cinemas on February 9th of next year. There’s no confirmed UK release date yet but we’re hoping to get it around the same time. Here’s that trailer below.

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