Peppa Pig is heading back to cinemas to celebrate her 15th birthday

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Peppa Pig has two cinema releases this year, it turns out.

The juggernaut that is Peppa Pig continues, with the books, TV show, duvet covers, magazines, stuffed toys and for all I know, Peppa Pig-branded creosote all on sale. What’s more, Peppa is 15 years old this year. Yikes.

Thus far, Entertainment One has resisted the idea of a full-length Peppa Pig feature film, opting instead for two packaged collections of episodes with some wrap-around enthusiasm being ported into cinemas.

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Expect, then, more of the same. Currently playing in selected cinemas is Peppa Pig Celebrates Chinese New Year. No idea, in truth, but the formula is likely to be the same.

Then, on Friday April 5th, Entertainment One has also slotted Peppa Pig: Festival Of Fun into the UK cinema schedules. The idea is that these are seen as a way into going to the cinema for the very young, whilst not being entirely insufferable for their grown-ups. Here’s a trailer…

Just to cheer parents up, too, there’s a Paw Patrol film coming to cinemas this May from Paramount. No details on that as of yet.

Have a lovely time, folks…

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