Raider | Aaron Eckhart will play the President of the United States in Simon West’s new action film

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Simon West is directing an action film that will see Aaron Eckhart step into the polished dress shoes of the President of the United States. More on Raider below. 

Another day, another deliciously lucrative action film set in the Oval Office. This time, it’s Aaron Eckhart playing the President of the United States in Raider, a new film by director Simon West. 

According to Deadline, Raider will follow Eckhart’s president who wins the election by a landslide, but discovers that the White has been controlled by a shadow organisation. Danny Huston plays the head of the Secret Service and Eckhart’s president has no intention of complying with their demands. Instead, he begins to investigate the clues left by previous presidents in order to not just free his family, but the whole country. 

“Our lead is a classy and honorable man who puts country first, despite the risks and impossible odds. When he realizes what’s at stake, he simply says, ‘No.’ We’re very excited to be working with Aaron again and I can’t imagine a better fit than Simon West to bring this pulse-pounding thriller home in spades,” said Steve Lee Jones, one of the film’s producers. 

Another producer, Matthew Shredder, described the film as a mix between The Da Vinci Code and Air Force One. “People have come to love seeing Aaron take control, and this elevates that to an entirely new level,” Shreder commented. 

Raider’s script is by J. Craig Stiles. This isn’t Eckhart’s first time playing the president, either.  The actor has previously visited a fictionalised White House in Olympus Has Fallen and its sequel, London Has Fallen. More recently, Eckhart has teamed up with director Renny Harlin for The Bricklayer and will also star in the director’s upcoming shark flick Deep Water, which the director described as “the ultimate shark film” to us in an exclusive interview

More on Raider as we hear it.

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