Ray Liotta: 1954-2022

Ray Liotta
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Some really, really sad news: Ray Liotta has passed away, at the age of 67.

Some really sad, shocking news. The actor Ray Liotta has passed away, at the age of just 67. He’d been shooting a film called Dangerous Waters in the Dominican Republic, and reportedly passed away in his sleep.

He’s survived by his daughter, along with his partner.

It feels almost folly to pick out some of the many roles that Liotta was known for and leaves behind. His presence across so many is a real testament to his acting life. Heck, as much as I adore Goodfellas, Field Of Dreams is my favourite film, and, well, just how good is he in that?

This is clearly an unexpected loss, with Liotta in the midst of a career resurgence at the moment. Our thoughts are very much with his friends and family.

Rest in peace, sir.


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