Rocketman sing-a-long screenings arriving in the UK later this month

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Official sing-a-long screenings of Rocketman are heading into cinemas.

It might not have made Bohemian Rhapsody-levels of money, but the excellent Rocketman – starring Taron Egerton, directed by Dexter Fletcher and penned by Lee Hall – has been a firm box office hit.

Off the back of strong critical reviews, the Elton John biopic has taken over $100m worldwide, and as many suspected, the almost-inevitable sing-a-long screenings are now on the way.

Around the UK, we’re spotting prebooking of tickets for screenings on Friday 26th July, and we’d imagine more dates around the UK aren’t too far behind. This is an official release too, so expect words on the screen and lively crowds for your money.

Tickets are on sale now…

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