Role Play | Trailer released for anticipated comic thriller

Role Play
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A talented ensemble cast has come together for espionage comedy thriller Role Play. And now we have a trailer.

While we’re looking forward to a shiny 4K release of James Cameron’s True Lies as you can bet that it’ll look the business, it’s fair to say that a contemporary viewing of the film won’t age as well in every degree.

Still, as a product of its time, it will be a hugely enjoyable watch… but if you’re looking for a more contemporary take on the ‘secret assassin comedy thriller’ genre, look no further than Role Play.

Bill Nighy and Connie Neilsen have major supporting roles while David Oyelowo and Kelly Cuoco star. 

Selma star Oyelowo, and  Kaley Cuoco – best known for her work in TV’s The Big Bang Theory – could make for quite the pairing as the film centres around a married couple whose life turns upside down when secrets come out about each other’s pasts. Oyelowo will play Cuoco’s husband in the film.

As for those secrets, well they look to be those of the True Lies or Mr And Mrs Smith variety. Here’s the synopsis:

‘Emma has a wonderful husband and two kids in the suburbs of New Jersey – she also has a secret life as a world-renowned assassin for hire which she has been hiding the entire time.

It’s a secret that her husband David discovers when the couple decide to spice up their marriage with a little role play at a local hotel. Their innocent night of fun becomes a deadly adventure where he attempts to help his wife as she does one last job.’

Studiocanal is producing in partnership with Amazon, meaning the project will be launching on its Prime Video streaming platform on 12th January.

Cuoco is producing the film through her Yes Norman banner as well as starring. Thomas Vincent, director of 2020’s Possessions has helmed the film which is based on an original screenplay by Seth Owen. Here’s the trailer below.

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