4K Ultra HD Blu-ray | Aliens, True Lies, The Abyss (finally) land in March 2024

The Abyss
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Finally: James Cameron’s True Lies and The Abyss are coming to Blu-ray and 4K UHD disc – and Aliens is getting a 4K disc release too.

Finally, finally, finally.

Fans of the 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray physical media format have been on tenterhooks over the last year or two, as the saga of new physical media releases for James Cameron’s The Abyss and True Lies has shown no sign of ending.

We knew, for instance, that The Abyss had been remastered in 4K a couple of years ago, but Cameron’s commitment to Avatar sequels had put it on the back burner.

Well: now it’s all finally official. Remastered James Cameron films are indeed on the way.

Thus far, the announcement from Disney is US only, but it’s expected to cover the UK too. There’s a lot within it.

Firstly, from December 12th of this very year, collector’s editions of Aliens, The Abyss, True Lies, Avatar and Avatar: The Way Of Water will be arriving to buy at digital retailers for download.

The Abyss has already been announced for cinema release in December, although not in the UK (as of yet).

Then, on March 12th 2024, three of those films make their 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray debut. In the case of True Lies and The Abyss, it’s their official high definition debut on disc too. The Abyss has fared worst of all, a double disc DVD release 20 years and change ago the best we’ve had.

There are, as per the press release, new bonus features for each release, on top of legal extras that are being carried over.

Thus, for The Abyss, we get…

  • Deep Dive: A Conversation with James Cameron – An exclusive new sit-down with James Cameron as he revisits the origin of the project and addresses some of the myths behind the production.
  • The Legacy of The Abyss – Discover the lasting legacy of The Abyss with stories from James Cameron and the crew about how and why the film continues to have an impact on filmmaking today.

For True Lies meanwhile, it’s…

  • Fear Is Not an Option: A Look Back at True Lies – Unveil the explosive behind-the-scenes secrets of True Lies with the cast and crew as they share untold tales of daring stunts, cutting-edge technology, and the comedic genius that brought this spy-thriller to life.
  • Archives: Script, Artwork, Marketing – Dive into the production secrets of True Lies with these exclusive behind-the-scenes documents and more.

And for Aliens, we’re getting no fresh extra features, but all the old ones. Both cuts of the film apparently included.

Both cuts of The Abyss will be on the disc too. Blu-rays of each of these will also be available.

More as we hear it. But crikey. About time…

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